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We measure our success by thousands of satisfied customers (data of satisfied customers available).

Top Quality Products / Super Fast

we have introduced Washing Liquid, taking all care of your costly clothes. Super Fast Fabric Wash Liquid is a time saving product.

Manufacture / Super Fast

Manufactures Toiletries, Cosmetics and other user Products like Liquid Fabric Wash etc.

Competitive Price / Super Fast

We are very competitive in rates without compromising quality.

Super Fast

The Big Brothers Corporation, (Regd). was established in 2006. It's sister company M/s Zia-ud-Din Industry manufactures toiletries, cosmetics and other user products like liquid fabric wash, liquid bleach, liquid bathroom cleaner, liquid dish cleaner, liquid glass cleaner etc. with the brand name "Super Fast™". The Big Brothers Corporation, (Regd). markets the above mentioned commodities and also it supplies these....