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At Super Fast we have introduced Washing Liquid, taking all care of your costly clothes. Super Fast Fabric Wash Liquid is a time saving product. This washing liquid reduces your working, saves your time and takes good care of your all clothes, whether white or colored, delicate or rough. This fragrant washing liquid with strong cleaning power, cleans your clothes in just 5 minutes. A special feature of this Washing Liquid is that it is harmless to washable woolen clothes and cleans them in just 5 minutes time.

We measure our success by thousands of satisfied customers (data of satisfied customers available) . In a time marked by increasing competition, I am enthusiastic about the opportunities available for us to fulfill the emerging requirements of our esteemed customers. Super Fast Fabric Wash Liquid ’ means the beginning of rhythm or the beginning of something new. It is not only to provide just washing liquid but it is also to provide a group of products for all your home care needs like,

"Our Services"

    . Super Fast Dish Cleaner.

    . Super Fast white Phenyl (Ready to use).

    . super Fast Bath Cleaner & drain Opener.

    . Super Fast Bath & Floor Cleaner with Fragrance.

    . Super Fast Hand Wash.

    . Super Fast Fabric Wash Liquid.

    . Super Fast Liquid Bleach.

    . Super Fast Glass Cleaner.


ʻʻTariq M Zafarʼʼ