Company Profile

Our Vision

To be the most Trusted Manufacturer and Prime Driver in this Industry.

Our Mission

Big Brothers Corporation. is committed to Establish long Term Relationship with there Customers. In order to Meet this we believe Relationships.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide healthy and clean environments. This is achieved by providing quality facility cleaning, maintenance and safety products, a thorough training curriculum, personnel documentation for regulatory compliance, and quality assurance programs. Specific products and programs have been designed to help educational facility and maintenance managers decrease labour costs and eectively train employees. SUPER FAST helps validate the efcacy and performance of your cleaning.

Promise To Customers

Best Products, Best Quality, Best Values. offered our health care and education industry partners innovative facility cleaning and facility maintenance and safety solutions to help protect patients, students and staff while reducing overall costs and providing the highest return on investment.

OurCore Value

Professionalism, Passion, Perseverance, Respect, Honesty, Effciency, Excellency, Mutual Benet.

Promise To Employees

Dream Fullfilment, Ability Demonstration , Innovative Spirit.